Ramen Nippon – Reseda, CA

6900 Reseda Blvd. Ste. B
Reseda, CA 91335

The best ramen in LA?? Please! The best ramen in the valley? Perhaps.

Located on Reseda slightly north of Vanowen, Ramen Nippon is a welcome surprise in a city where ramen is relatively scarce. If you’re not looking for it, you’ll easily just drive right by. If you do find it, parking will be the worst of it. But trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Shoyu-ramen: If this is your first time at Ramen Nippon, you can’t go wrong with the shoyu! The noodles are consistently firm and fantastic for slurping. The soup base borders on the strong side, so if you’re looking for a lighter taste I recommend the shio. As for the toppings, any time a ramen contains my favorite vegetable, baby bok choy, I tend to favor it, but this ramen has more than just a good vegetable to favor. The chashu is moist and tender and the menma is its usual role player. But possibly the best thing about this ramen is the ajitsuke tamago (flavored egg). Get it with some gyoza and you won’t be disappointed.

Shio-ramen: The shio-ramen is elegantly refreshing and arguably the best ramen at Ramen Nippon. The lightly flavored soup base is a favorite of many and with one taste you will surely know why. The toppings are the same as the shoyu and no different in quality or taste.

Miso-ramen: I really can’t find anything bad to say about the miso-ramen either. The extra chashu in the pic below is a plus. Maybe it’s not as good as the shio but that can just be a matter of personal preference. The toppings, once again, are sensational.

Gyoza: Vampires beware! Ordered as an add-on to my ramen, this gyoza was the perfect complement. Never mushy and always full of flavor, do not hesitate in adding them to yours.

Chahan (Fried Rice): With everything being delicious and satisfying, the chahan was the only disappointment. Without much flavor and taste, the only way to finish it is to dip it in your ramen soup. I wouldn’t recommend it but if you must try it, you’ve been warned.

2 Replies to “Ramen Nippon – Reseda, CA”

  1. Kento said…..
    I am a ramen fanatic and I have to say….this place is Number 1!!! The best ramen not just in the valley but in LA! I ate many different ramen in Japan and Nippon ramen makes me feel like I'm in Japan. There chashu(pork slice appetizer) is good. There unraipo(Shabu Shabu pork with sliced cucumber with there special sauce) is awesome. If you want to eat a lot, I recommend Minzan which is a deep fried dumpling ramen which is popular among young men. The owner of the restaurant Mr. Ken is a cool awesome guy! Very humble and respectful. Ganbare Ken san! Nippon ramen saikou!

  2. People from the Valley love this place. Japanese businessmen from Sanyo can often be seen here eating lunch. But, the food here is tasteless and uninspiring. Try the pho down the street at Pho So 1 or Pho 999 instead.

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