Oki Doki Asian Cuisine – Costa Mesa, CA

At first glance you may not think Oki Doki serves ramen, but a closer look at the menu reveals an obscure shoyu-ramen surrounded by various Asian dishes from Japan, Vietnam, China, and Korea. Located near what I call Costa Mesa’s “ramen whirlpool” and owned by the same owner of San Shi Go Japanese Restaurant in Laguna Beach, it’s not surprising that ramen made it onto the menu here, albeit just one type–shoyu. An added benefit of this restaurant is that it will also accommodate your not-so-crazy-about-ramen-like-you-are friends, since ramen is not their main dish.

Shoyu-ramen: Not the prettiest looking ramen, but also not their main focus. After all, looks aren’t everything. The soup base was very oily and loaded with garlic that pleased my soul. You can distinctly taste some other Asian influences involved which makes this ramen very unique. The toppings (chashu, egg, naruto, moyashi, menma, and glazed scallions) were average and almost went unnoticed. The noodles definitely need some more work too. But I’ll let it slide since this isn’t their specialty. Overall, this ramen was enjoyable and worth it. I’ll have to head back someday, not only for the ramen but for all the other oishii-looking dishes.

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