Shin-Mama Ramen – Torrance, CA

24631 Crenshaw Blvd. #K
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 517-9099

After waking up with a ramen hangover, my body yearned for at least a one day break. But when I received a call from my mom in Torrance asking if I wanted to eat ramen for lunch, I couldn’t resist. Perhaps it wasn’t the ramen giving me a hangover after all. I bet it was all that downtown smog I’d been inhaling. Anyway, I’ll take any chance I get to eat ramen in Torrance! I hear that Shin-Mama Ramen place has more than just a ma~ma~ (average) ramen. Let’s go!

Shoyu-ramen: As the shoyu-ramen arrived, its garlic aroma intensely attacked my senses with breathtaking clarity. I enjoyed the unexpected arousal. The soup was astoundingly rich and flavorful with plenty of oil to lubricate my engine. It was possibly the best part of the ramen! The abundance of oil also helped to lubricate the eloquently crimped noodle as I savagely slurped it down my throat. The toppings (chashu, menma, egg, negi, and a piece of nori) supported the ramen in oscar-nominating fashion (not quite the winner). I guess they were right! Shin-Mama ramen is more than just ma~ma~.

Hachimoku chahan & Gyoza: The chahan was flavorless and may have been missing a key ingredient. It tasted slightly better when I dipped it into the ramen soup but still needed something more. The gyoza was crispy and chewy with a slight kick. Not much to rave about here. Both were just ma~ma~.

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