Hanaichimonme – Los Angeles, CA

333 S. Alameda St. #303
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-3514

I miss the Yaohan plaza of the 80’s! It’s just not the same anymore. I feel sorry for Hanaichimonme, but at least they still serve a pretty decent ramen.

Sagano Set: Hanaichi ramen (shoyu), torimeshi gohan (chicken steamed rice), and gyoza.

Hanaichi ramen: The thin soumen-like noodles have to be the best part of this ramen. The soup was very simple yet satisfying. I was reminded of being at a ramen-ya in Narita airport. The toppings were decent but I’m not complaining.

Torimeshi gohan: I liked it because it was different. You don’t normally see torimeshi gohan at a ramen-ya. But personally I would have liked to see some takenoko in there.

Gyoza: Very average. Possibly below. Having the salad dressing touch the gyoza resulted in an eyebrow-crinkling taste and not in a good way.

2 Replies to “Hanaichimonme – Los Angeles, CA”

  1. This raumen is terrible, weak broth and they use canned garnish. I ate here one afternoon and after I had eaten about half of my raumen bowl I noticed a large roach crawl up the wall. Look at the baseboards and such and you will also notice how dirty it is. Very unsanitary and I will never eat here again.

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