Kokekokko – Hacienda Heights, CA

1611A South Azusa Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 810-2918

Auspiciously guided by the peak of this weekend’s meteor shower, a young rooster cries “kokekokko” (cock-a-doodle-doo) in hopes of awaking the city of Hacienda Heights. Although it’s lacking the famous yakitori grill from its popular Little Tokyo parent, this Kokekokko still shines, relying on ramen and rice bowls to keep the chicken coop restless–a definite plus for us ramen-enthusiasts. Did I also mention that ordering a large soboro just to try the ramen is NOT required here? Several different types of ramen are on the menu with an option of combining various chicken bowls. A superb restaurant for anyone that loves chicken!

Shoyu-ramen: Chicken soup for the ramen lover’s soul! If I ever get the flu, I’ll order gallons of this stuff to go. Not surprisingly, chicken is the main ingredient here. The soup tasted like Campbell’s chicken soup with a dash of shoyu. Light in taste, I found myself licking the bowl towards the end. The thin, blonde, crimped noodle reminded me of instant ramen (not yet sure which one), but it meshed well with everything else. The main topping was three pieces of succulent grilled chicken that had me screaming kokekokko! The rest of the toppings (menma, egg, naruto, nori, and negi) co-starred with admirable serenity.

Miso-ramen: Similar to the shoyu-ramen with an additional hint of miso. The miso made the soup very sweet but the rest was identical to the shoyu. I’m not much of a fan of sweet ramen so I’d have to pass on this one. But if you like sweet, by all means give it a try.

Chicken gyoza: A welcome change to the traditional pork-filled gyoza. I could probably eat fifty of these without feeling sick. They have a light, crisp taste that doesn’t weigh you down. I highly recommend them.

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