Mitsuru Cafe – Los Angeles, CA

117 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-1028

Best known for their Imagawayaki’s, Mitsuru Cafe does manage to include a single ramen on their menu, simply listed as…Ramen. I doubt that it’s a best seller with all the other choices in the area, but perhaps it could be a quiet sleeper in what used to be a booming plaza.

Ramen: A simple ramen for a simple ramen addict. This shoyu-based ramen was not nearly the best, but I still enjoyed it’s light flavor and boring appearance. The toppings (chashu, menma, moyashi, and negi) sat lazily in the broth like they’ve been doing this for years. All in all, this was a below average ramen, but once you set foot in Mitsuru Cafe, you really can’t ask for anything more.

On a side note, I stopped by Daikokuya to take some gyoza to go, but I was told that they can’t do to go today. That sounded strange to me. I never heard of anything like that…have you?

6 Replies to “Mitsuru Cafe – Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Well, I went to Cole’s and Wurstküche that day. I was going to treat Daikokuya as my #2 instead of Cole’s, then I would hit up that Korean truck. Good memory! 🙂

  2. No way! I bailed when I saw at least 20 names ahead of me if I did signed in on that waiting list. The clipboard was already flipping at the second page already. 3:30pm!!!And I knew they wouldn’t let me order anything to go either when two people was arguing with the waitress when I walked in. Damnit!

  3. Hey thanks for finally answering my question…hahaha. So did you end up waiting? Imagawayaki’s sound good right now!

  4. Hey Keizo,Daikokuya don’t do to-go orders on the weekend. They only do it on weekdays because it’s slower for them to do that. I went there on Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm and it had a long @ss waiting list. *sigh*As in for Mitsuru Cafe for ramen…. you’re a brave man. I would stick to Ima and soy sauce mochi. Hmm hmm good.

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