Tokyo Ramen Trip 2008 – Day 3

Kobe Ramen Dai-ichi Asahi – Hoonancho (Suginama-ku): What I am about to show you is something so outrageous that you’ll never see anything like it in the states. Its alien appearance may be frightening for some so consider yourself forewarned. Are you ready?

Advertised as the “Megasize Tokusei (Special) C-Ramen,” I was literally shivering as I ordered. What was I getting myself into to? This ramen must have had at least 25 pieces of thinly sliced chashu (I stopped counting after my stomach couldn’t take anymore), and not to mention a gazillion calories. This ramen also contained 1.5 portions of straight, chewy noodles. And that’s not even the largest size!! Definitely a daunting task for all ramen afficionados. The soup was very koi (strong) and contained an overwhelming sense of pepper and shoyu in a “very rich pork broth.” There’s only one thought that crosses my mind as I write this–whew, I’m still alive!

The Tokusei A-Ramen was more on the normal side of things. A more humane portion of everything including a boiled egg and menma.

The ticket machine:

The gyoza: Yum! I’m almost speechless!

I bought this magazine the other day that lists 1,100 ramen-ya’s in the Tokyo area. 1,100!!! And they all look so good. How will ever find the time to try them all?!!

5 Replies to “Tokyo Ramen Trip 2008 – Day 3”

  1. That just means how many servings you want. Like if you want two bowls of the same thing you push 2 first and then what you want. Sort of like when buying a train ticket. Actually, I think the '4' is missing here. There's no way I would've ordered four of Tokusei A-Ramen. hahaha.

    On a sad note, this shop no longer exists in Hoonancho. It looks like they've moved.

  2. I urgently need an FAQ on how to understand the ticket machine.
    Specifically, what do those numbered buttons (sometimes they are unnumbered) {1,2,3,4,5 in the upper right – the '4' has been pushed in this photo} do to your ticket?

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