Tokyo Ramen Trip 2008 – Day 4 (Part 2)

SHINATATSU – Shinagawa
7 Famous Ramen Shops
Tokyo Ramen Park

The lineup

  1. Nantsutte
  2. Higomonzu (Kumamoto Ramen)
  3. Setagaya
  4. Shinasoba Kibi
  5. Saijo (Asahikawa Ramen)
  6. Tsukemen Tetsu
  7. Shodai Keisuke

With so much to choose from and wanting to try everything, I spent 30 minutes deciding which shop to walk into. I thought about ordering from all and sampling each specialty ramen, but that would mean valuable ramen going to waste. So in the end, I decided on Setagaya. It wasn’t crowded, but still busy enough to attract others and the tsukemen looked damn good.

Chef Maijima Tsukasa. A ramen G.

Hira Tsuke-men: I ordered the tsuke-men because my blog has never featured it. I would normally only prefer tsuke-men during the summer (since I like my ramen really hot in the winter), but it’s good to shake-it-up once in a while. The soup was fish based and contained many pieces of pork. It had a great aroma and attached to the noodles like a needy significant other.

Other toppings included a piece of nori, negi, and menma.

The noodles were tsuke-men style–flat and thicker than your usual ramen noodle. These noodles were, for the lack of a better word, awesome! And look at that portion! How could I even think about wasting something so good?

Kumo Ramen: This soup was very thick with a high level of viscosity, hence its cloudy name. It was like eating gravy ramen. Rescuing the noodles out of the bowl almost broke my chopsticks. It was very delicious, but a few bites left me dying of thirst.

Negi Gyoza: To be honest, I can’t even remember what these tasted like because I was popping them in my mouth so fast. All I remember is that they were crazy good.

Other pics:

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