Tokyo Ramen Trip 2008 – Day 5 (Part 3)

Kawasaki BE Mall – Ramen Symphony

I decided to stop by another ramen park in Kawasaki on my way back from the ShinYokohama Museum. Even though I was so full, I thought “what the heck, I can always just take pictures.”

The lineup:

  1. Kunigamiya
  2. Nantsutte
  3. Ramen Oyama
  4. Honmarutei
  5. Imamura
  6. Mejiro

Ramen Oyama: If you thought I couldn’t be satisfied just by taking pictures, then you know me all too well. After reading all the explanations, I was intrigued by this shrimp flavored ramen I couldn’t pass up. But the real question was, could my stomach also make the pass?

This ebi tonkotsu ramen was very different. Its shrimp and scallop based tonkotsu soup was overwhelmingly delicious. Topped with extra garlic, this ramen was a definite show stopper.

This was by far the most ramen I’ve eaten in one day–5 bowls. And I still have 2 more days!!! Hahaha.

One Reply to “Tokyo Ramen Trip 2008 – Day 5 (Part 3)”

  1. I want to try that shrimp ramen with extra garlic.
    I would think that more Tokyo ramen shops would try main ingredients other than chicken or pork.

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