Keyaki Instant Ramen – 札幌ラーメン

Here is another instant ramen based on a real ramen I tried during my Japan trip. Amazingly, like the others, this instant ramen tastes almost exactly like the real thing. They must have some sort of ramen cloning machine in Japan that automatically zaps the real thing into a box of instant bliss. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

The contents include the noodles, a pouch of miso soup, a pouch of アブラ, and WHAT!…toppings? Okay it’s not much, but look there’s menma and goma included! Nice.

I could drink this soup for days. I’m not much of a miso fan, but this soup is extraordinary–it contains apple juice. It’s a sweet and spicy symphony that just dances on your tongue. I’ve been to Sapporo before, but I never tasted a soup like this. The menma and goma are a nice touch, but I do miss all those toppings from the original.

The noodles were nice and chewy. I wish I had bought some more of this one.

Main Ingredients

Soup (スープ): Animal extract, miso, sake, soy sauce, vegetable extract, fish oil, apple juice, zelatin, salt, ginger, garlic, tobanjan, seaweed extract, lard, sugar, sansho, ago, shiitake, aji, monosodium glutamate…
Noodles (メン): Flour, sake, kansui, sake extract…

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