Taishoken Instant Ramen なま 中華そば – 池袋

Ever since I bought all these packs of instant ramen on my trip, I’ve been anxiously looking forward to this one. If you don’t know about Taishoken, then you need to do your homework. I wasn’t able to make it to Ikebukuro on my trip (even though I was only six or so stations away), but I’m looking forward to going on my next trip.

The contents include a pouch of soup and an incredibly gorgeous packet of noodles. It might just be me, but those noodles look amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Wow. This is definitely instant ramen heaven! This light shoyu flavor has Tokyo written all over it and just looking at the pic below is making me drool. I feel like getting on the next plane to Ikebukuro in the morning. Yo bro, we should have went the opposite way to Ikebukuro instead of Ogikubo my first night there!

These noodles were special. They must have been made with a mutated strain of kansui because they are crazy good!

Main Ingredients

Soup (スープ): Shoyu, pork extract, animal oil, sugar, salt, onion, monosodium glutamate, dried sardine, spice, sake, caramel color…
Noodles (メン): Flour, egg, kansui, sake, salt…

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