Sumire – Mitsuwa Legendary Ramen Fair

2/15 ~ 2/18 Limited Time Only!

Mitsuwa Marketplace
21515 Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 782-0335

My last stop on this weekend’s ramen fair is Sumire at the Torrance Mitsuwa. If you recall, I just had their instant shoyu ramen last Monday and wasn’t very impressed, but I’m sure things will be different this time around. Interestingly, the line at Santouka was still longer.

I must say that there is a lot of MSG in this one. So if you aren’t cool with it, consider this a warning. The layer of oil on top also keeps the soup scolding hot, so try not to slurp too fast. The miso flavor was outstanding, much better than the instant shoyu. It also reminded me of Keyaki. They both have that sweet and mildly spicy miso flavor that kills all other miso ramen in the states. The toppings (slightly dry chashu cubes, menma, moyashi, negi, and some onions) were good but minimal. I was even tempted to buy a pack of chashu from the market, but held back. The noodles were excellent and almost perfect. Sumire did not disappoint!

Sumire will also be at the San Diego Mitsuwa from 2/22~ 2/25.

One Reply to “Sumire – Mitsuwa Legendary Ramen Fair”

  1. I liked sumire even if the broth was much saltier near the bottom of the bowl (interesting effect btw).– WAY O.T.Consider adding another label/section for ‘fast food noodle’. I’d like your opinion of places like Super Udon (Torrance and Gardena).TIA,Mike a.k.a. Divefan

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