Sakura – Los Angeles, CA

333 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 687-6699

If you are low on cash, hungry, and desperate for a ramen under $5, then I recommend buying some nama-ramen from the refrigerated section and cooking it at home yourself. Located inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace, I’ve always wondered if Sakura served a decent ramen. And now that I’ve tried it, I can only wonder why it has yet to be replaced by Santouka.

Shoyu-ramen: An old-school ramen with that tangy shoyu taste. A great deal for the huge bowl at $4.50, but hardly a tongue-pleaser. The toppings (chashu, negi, and moyashi) failed to do anything but disappoint. The noodles were のびてる (overcooked)–a cardinal sin of ramen.

The chashu looked like a wood chip, and quite frankly tasted like one.

2 Replies to “Sakura – Los Angeles, CA”

  1. Interesting. Is it still called Sakura? And do they still serve ramen? I haven't checked out that market yet.

  2. SAKURA was better when the market was Mitsuwa. There are new owners now (Korean). It sucks!!! I ordered a chicken bowl. the chicken must of been like two days old. never going back.

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