San Sui Tei – Los Angeles, CA

313 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0100

Located about thirty steps from the renowned Daikokuya, San Sui Tei is just another ramen-ya in the neighborhood successfully failing at stealing its customers. Having been to their original location in Temple City once before, I never really cared to visit this one until today. And that’s only because my original destination (Atch Kotch in Hollywood) was closed. *sigh*

When I first took the pic below, I didn’t notice what was on the TV. Perhaps this is their artful way of persuading me into writing a good review. Should I be scared?…I don’t think so! This San Sui Tei is not only a ramen-ya, but also a sushi-bar. Based on my experience, restaurants that offer both sushi and ramen are usually non-Japanese owned (which is the case here) and never very good at either. But I’m here and I can’t just get up and leave, or could I?

Tonkotsu-ramen: On any other street in any other city, this ramen might be popular, but being so close to Daikokuya, this tonkotsu-ramen is light years behind. The soup is a nice creamy blend of pork sprinkled with chips of garlic that should please the average ramen-goer. The toppings (egg, chashu, negi, menma, ginger, nori, corn, and cabbage) were average with the exception of its chashu. The chashu was moist and full of flavor. The noodles were crinkly and flat and just like its Temple City location, they reminded me of cup noodles.

Spicy Tonkotsu-ramen: A spicy version of the ramen above. It tasted exactly like Korean ramyun. It’s great for all you Chileheads.

Gyoza: The gyoza was uncommonly sweet and the skin looked like my fingers do after swimming in a pool too long–a common characteristic for gyoza that’s been thawed. It was edible, but the pre-mixed sauce needed more shoyu.

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