Cafe Koraku – Jean, NV

32100 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Suite. 424
Jean, NV 89019
(702) 874-1000

Located within the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, Cafe Koraku is your last chance to gamble when driving back to LA. I’m not sure if they’re related to the Koraku’s we know, but I’m not going to expect much from a ramen-ya in an outlet mall. Could this be where they send all the defective bowls of ramen?

Sandwiched between a Journeys and Perfumania, Cafe Koraku is not your typical sweet-smelling excursion. Surprisingly busy, this ramen-ya only offers bowls of discounted flavor.

Shoyu-ramen: After only 3 hours of sleep and a 4-hour drive looming ahead, this plain shoyu-ramen knew how to hit the spot. It wasn’t great or anything close to that, but after a long night in Vegas it became my best friend for about an hour. The toppings (rubbery chashu, menma, egg, spinach, nori, and negi) helped discount the character of this outlet ramen. The noodles were just your average noodle. If you’re desperate for some comfort after a long night and on your way home on I15, then feel free to stop and try Cafe Koraku. Otherwise, quit while you’re ahead and just wait until you get back to LA.

Gyoza: Disastrous! I’ve had frozen gyoza that tasted better.

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