Togoshi Ramen – Las Vegas, NV

855 E Twain Ave Ste 107
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 737-7003

Prior to what turned out to be a day of intoxicated madness in March, coupled with the highs and lows of letting it ride with friends not named Jack, I was able to enjoy the calm before the storm with a familiar face–ramen. When you think of Las Vegas, ramen is probably the last thing on your mind, but win or lose Togoshi Ramen does a decent job of comforting expected disappointments or celebrating unexpected delights. This Japanese-owned and operated ramen-ya is also a perfect cure for that heavy hangover.

Shoyu-ramen: An old-school shoyu-ramen that does just enough to get the job done. Nothing fancy here. Just a full-bodied deep shoyu flavor that works only in Vegas. The toppings (egg, chashu, menma, moyashi, and negi) simply pleased my craving without all the lights and glamor of the strip. The noodles were nothing special either, but they were perfectly cooked and easy to slurp. The friendly staff also made the ramen taste better than it was. I would definitely go back whenever I’m in Vegas.

Miso-ramen: The miso was shockingly strong! A bit too strong. Delicious nonetheless, it’s probably best suited for waking you up from that groggy hangover.

Gyoza: The gyoza had a nice flavor, but probably could have used more crisp. Warning: Do not eat if you plan on drinking a lot of beer, unless you can somehow control your burps.

5 Replies to “Togoshi Ramen – Las Vegas, NV”

  1. Hey again! Just got bak from Vegas, we tried Togoshi on Saturday. Overall it was OK, I think the gyoza were a little too soggy like you said. The mabo ramen was probably the best that we tried.

  2. You really are *everywhere*! I was leisurely writing some really overdue reviews this afternoon when my wife suddenly goes “you’re too slow! Keizo just reviewed Togoshi!” Hahaha. Hope you had a good time in Vegas!

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