Daikokuya – Costa Mesa, CA

2975 Harbor Blvd., Suite 5
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(Marukai Food Court)
(714) 436-0151

Okay so it’s not Ippudo, but the next best thing (insert wamu sign here) is having the famed Daikokuya expand into the OC. Located inside the food court of the Marukai in Costa Mesa, Daikokuya tries to quietly conquer where Chabuton failed. Will they succeed? Of course they will, right? They’re Daikokuya! And they have real spoons!! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Daikoku ramen: Mmm…good, but the soup does taste muted. The lush creaminess was like heaven, but it was missing that devilish kick. Oh well, I didn’t care. I was too excited to let anyone or anything disappoint. And after a long motorcycle ride on a cool Sunday morning, I was ready for something to soothe my soul. The toppings (chashu, moyashi, menma, negi, egg) were nothing less than top notch. Although the chashu didn’t exactly melt, it still hit the spot. And the egg is quite possibly the best egg in a bowl of ramen on this side of the Pacific. The noodles were just noodles. Nothing spectacular, but not disappointing enough to ruin it for the rest. Anyhow, I don’t see Daikokuya leaving this food court anytime soon. If anything, Marukai just might have to add more tables somewhere–outside, perhaps.

Gyoza: You can’t have Daikoku ramen without an order of gyoza! Eating these are mandatory! So order one…or two…or three! If you don’t like green onions, then brush ’em off or order them negi-nashi!

3 Replies to “Daikokuya – Costa Mesa, CA”

  1. Went to the Daikokuya in Costa Mesa last night and was very disapointed. They have only three things on the menu now, and Gyoza is not one of them. They have two pork dishes, both very greasy, and the one ramen, if you can call it that. It was the worst I've had, not good enough to be called, “Daikokuya”. Consider this one closed.

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