Orochon Special 2 Challenge

For the record, I can eat them but am not a huge fan of spicy foods. Nor am I huge fan of Orochon Ramen. With that said, you won’t be seeing me on the Wall of Bravery this month (although I did make the sad attempt). But as a promise to the man sitting next to me who finished the Special 2 Miso with blazing speed, this post is for you Ken!

Here’s how it began:

And here’s how it ended:

And unlike Orochon, where the polaroids are taken down every month and probably sold to the government in case they need to recruit an army of spicy ramen slurpers, this post will be here for the world to see forever!

If any other brave soul has accomplished this challenge, send in your pics and let me know how it was! I want to hear from ya!

This is how far I got. Not that it’s an excuse, but I did eat at Shinsengumi for lunch. And it’s not so much the spiciness, but its massive size and scorching heat. Well, at least I gave it a shot.

5 Replies to “Orochon Special 2 Challenge”

  1. Hey monty, thx for sharing your experience. I think I can take it on my second try too now that I know what it’s like. I wasn’t very hungry when I tried it either. That rumblin in the stomach is crazy tho.

  2. It took me two attempts, but I did it. The first failed attempt I blame on KFC: I had driven up from San Diego, got hungry, stopped at KFC, and had chowed down on 20 Hot Wings. Needless to say, Spicy Orochan Special 2 kicked my ass.Second time, I was already in LA, had plenty of rest and was dehydrated from the night before, and showed that bowl wassup!(i don’t know how to embed an image on here)http://a978.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/126/m_974113614bb8a81e2decf1506c594129.jpg

  3. Dude, I’m gonna be on the sidelines cheering you on next time. The human body wasn’t meant for this type of torture.

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