GO GYOZA! The top 5 ramen sidekicks!

At almost every ramen-ya around the world, there is a dish that understands its supporting role and rarely seeks the spotlight. A potsticker, a dumpling, or a pansticker. You can call it what you want, but nothing goes better with ramen than a plate of moist, juicy, garlic-infused, lightly-crisped gyoza. So before the soup cools, I give you the top 5 ramen-ya gyoza in Southern California:

  1. Foo Foo Tei (Hacienda Heights): Don’t let its hairiness fool you. This unusual looking gyoza is by far the most flavorful and juicy. And don’t mistake this Foo Foo with the Monterey Park location.
  2. Hairy Gyoza

  3. Daikokuya: Overrated or not, this gyoza is still one of the best. Its unique shape and blanket of green onions shall please all Seven Gods of Fortune.
  4. Shinsengumi: Despite their small size, these 一口 gyoza can knock your taste buds out!
  5. Chabuya: Gyozahh from Chahbuyahh…enough said.
  6. Kairakutei: These fat-stickers are clearly homemade and out to kick some butt!

So there you have it. Don’t forget to mix the shoyu with vinegar and a few drops of rayu. GO GYOZA!

6 Replies to “GO GYOZA! The top 5 ramen sidekicks!”

  1. Hey ed, guess what! I went to Gomen yesterday but forgot that they close on Thursdays so I ended up trying Peking Restaurant since I was in the neighborhood. It was great! Those potstickers were huge! and very delicious. I also ordered some chicken noodle soup with the thick homemade noodles. The soup was awesome but the noodles were a little too thick for me. they kinda reminded me of when I tried to make ramen noodles….hahaha, but that’s another story.

  2. Hi Pepsi Monster. I try to order gyoza every time I eat ramen too. I’ve just listed my favorites here but you can see lots more pics of gyoza in my posts. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for the list. I actually would ordered Goyza every time I visit a ramen place. Although you only show us five, I’m just happy you have a list of that in the first place. Thanks!

  4. Thanks ed, I’ll have to give them a try someday. They actually look like a cross between Foo Foo Tei and Daikokuya’s gyoza. What else is good to eat there? Should I take my hazmat suit?…haha jk.

  5. You know, if you ever want to try some good Chinese potstickers, you should try < HREF="http://www.yelp.com/biz/peking-restaurant-westminster" REL="nofollow">Peking Restaurant<> (aka “Little Beijing”) in Westminster. It looks similar to Foo Foo Tei’s and I think you’ll like it.

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