How to use chopsticks when you don’t know how…

After having PRK performed on my eyes Tuesday, this week has literally been a blur. And since I can’t drive anywhere or do any work on my computer (I probably shouldn’t be blogging either but I’m really, really bored), I might as well show someone how to use chopsticks when they don’t know how. This is how I learned when I was a kid, so if you’re still using a fork to eat ramen PLEASE give this a try! (FYI, ramen should never be eaten with a fork.)

  1. The only two things you need to accomplish this are a rubber band and a set of chopsticks. Ramen-ya’s will always provide the chopsticks, but may not always have a rubber band available so it’s best if you bring your own.

  1. Start by unwrapping the chopsticks and folding the wrapper in half.

  1. Then proceed to make a tight roll out of the wrapper.

  1. Make sure the roll is cylindrical in shape.

  1. Place the wrapper roll between the pair of chopsticks about an inch from the top. Then tightly coil the rubber band around the very top, being careful not to snap the rubber band.

  1. And there you have it! Chopsticks that everyone could use!!

  • Watch the short video to see them in action.

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