Osaka Ramen – Dublin, CA

Ulferts Center
4288 Dublin Blvd. #118
Dublin, CA 94598
(925) 833-9918

Envision this: A Chinese owned and operated Japanese Restaurant called Osaka Ramen in a town called Dublin with a Filipino couple from Honolulu sitting at the very next table. Only in America! (I forgot to mention the geeky Japanese guy sitting alone at a 4-person table with a camera in one hand and his pda phone in the other–what a loser!..haha)

Desperate to try one more ramen-ya before I left northern cali, I stumbled upon Osaka Ramen about an hour into my drive home. I’ve been to Osaka once when I was very young and I’m sure my mom took me to eat ramen, but I don’t remember it. Maybe this place can invoke a lost memory. But wait…I just read the funniest comment on yelp. Panda ramen, eh? I wish I would have read this before I went in. Oh well…

Shoyu Ramen: Please read their mission statement first. Hmm…I can’t remember where, but I think I’ve seen this written someplace else. Anyway, the first thing that knocked the wind out of me was the statement “we only use specially selected Japanese noodles.” Special noodles my ***! Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that out loud. These were more like thin, curly Chinese-style noodles. And the soup is definitely not a ten-hour soup, unless they boil water for 9.5 hours and spend the rest of the time adding shoyu. The toppings (dried chashu, egg, seaweed, menma, kamaboko, moyashi, negi, spinach, and carrots?) were comical. Let’s just say it’s the best ramen in Dublin, CA and leave it at that.

Gyoza: The gyoza were served in a boat-shaped dish that had oishii (in hiragana) written on them. Uhhh…am I missing something? I seemed to have erased them from my memory.

The service was very good so I guess it’s not a total loss. If I’m ever stuck in Dublin again, I may stop by. Maybe their mabo ramen will be good.

8 Replies to “Osaka Ramen – Dublin, CA”

  1. You sound like a snarky judgemental a-hole who thinks their opinion is the absolute truth of the universe. Your condescending review is neither interesting or humorous, but rather comes across as someone that enjoys spreading mean-spirited vitriol about a restaurant that you didn't happen to like. I like it, and I have eaten lots of ramen in different ramen shops in SF, Oakland, Berkeley, and even Tokyo, and I think Osaka's is just fine. Don't eviscerate them because they are in Dublin.

  2. Hey Fuego, I’m sorry… But I guess it’s better than having nothing and traveling an hour into the city isn’t really all that practical. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. I didn’t enjoy their ramen very much but their curry is as traditional to actual Japanese curry as it can get. I’ve been to a few curry places in Japan Town in SF and compared it to this, and this is as close as I can get to my experience in Japan.

  4. Thanks! I was hoping to find some really good ramen-ya’s up there but I really only thought Santa Ramen was worth the trip. I still can’t wait to go back and try the rest though.Looking forward to your Maruyu review!

  5. Ouch. My condolences Keizo. 😦That sounds like a terrible Ramen-ya. I recently tried MaRuYu (thanks for the heads up and warning ;), and I’ll post my review soon. This just makes me appreciate Japan more and more. I could walk randomly around Tokyo and find much better Ramen that what we’re getting here (and those weren’t even the “top ranked” places).Welcome back from your trip! 🙂

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