Shuchan Ramen – Torrance, CA

UPDATE: They apparently have shut down again, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we hear from Shuchan.

(Restaurant Toji)
2212 Artesia Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 767-1740

Shuchan Ramen is back! After reading on Yelp that a ramen-ya had recently taken residence in Toji Restaurant during the lunch hours, I had to go find out for myself before heading over to the Mitsuwa Summer Fair. I arrived 5 minutes before 11am and opened the door to an empty restaurant. There’s no sign that says Shuchan so I wondered if it was actually true. Then a nice Japanese lady came out from the back and said dozo please sit anywhere (in Japanese). After being gone for a couple years, it appears that they are just renting this space for lunch until they can find their own location. So tell all your friends and head down there during your lunch hour to try this new (and old) ramen-ya. If you get there before noon, ALL ramen comes with either a half order of gyoza or chahan…FREE!

Shoyu-Tonkotsu Ramen: This ramen is their “special” and it’s taped to the menu with a ripped-up piece of paper so I couldn’t resist to order it. The shoyu-tonkotsu was very smooth with loads of flavor. It may be too salty for some, but I didn’t mind it at all. It surprisingly tasted really good. The toppings (slightly dry yet flavorful chashu, menma, naruto, negi, and nori) were also good, but it felt like they were missing something. Something like a hanjuku egg perhaps. Yeah, I think an egg would have made it complete. The just-your-average-factory-made-noodles-that-everyone-uses were cooked perfectly and played the role of a good understudy.

Shio Ramen: A true shio ramen in the sense that it was really salty, but then again shio ramen should be salty. A refreshing choice for all you shio lovers out there. The toppings and noodles were the same as above. If you do think it’s too salty, they’ll be happy to mellow it out for you.

Gyoza: The gyoza was homemade, but I’m still deciding if I liked them or not. They weren’t bad and I can’t really complain about them since they were FREE. They contained lots of garlic (which I like), but a burnt flavor seemed to overshadow it all. Try them and let me know what you think?

6 Replies to “Shuchan Ramen – Torrance, CA”

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  2. Today is the last day for them. I went to there and ate charhan and gyoza because this gyoza is my favorite though you may have different thought. (I didn’t take any ramen today…)Anyway, Shuchan told me he is going to do training about 1 year at Van Nuys and he would go back to South-bay area and reopen the ramen shop with name of “Shuchan” then.

  3. Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by. Always an honor to hear from a true < HREF="" REL="nofollow">gluttonista<>!

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