Canned Casualty: A 5.4 from the Russian Judge

The only casualty in my home from today’s 5.4 earthquake was this poor canned ramen. Normally accustomed to falling a few inches in vending machines, I guess it couldn’t handle the five foot free-fall from the top of my bookshelf. Luckily, it will live to be slurped another day.

I hope everyone was okay today and didn’t suffer any damage to your property. It looks like everything (aside from this can) is okay over here, considering how close I live to the epicenter. Stay safe!

7 Replies to “Canned Casualty: A 5.4 from the Russian Judge”

  1. @edjusted: Thanks ed! I’m glad you’re ok too. No you aren’t blind! I just added a search box but I’m still working out some kinks. Thx for understanding.@Kat: Yes it has a tab! And it comes with a collapsable fork!

  2. Canned ramen? Where have you been all my life? Tell me it’s got a tab. I have using a can opener … 😉 Kat

  3. Thanks Exile Kiss! I’m still working out the kinks but I’m glad you like it.Hi Blonson. I’ll be glad to link to your site.

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