Hamada (of Japan) Orient Express – Los Angeles, CA (Day 0)

LAX Int’l Terminal
380 World Way
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 641-8595

It’s been a while since my last post. Partly because I’ve been busy getting ready for this trip and and work has been relentless, but also because I scratched my cornea last week and I’ve been allowing it to heal (thanks Dr. Murakami!). So here I am, fully healed, and ready to embark on a two-week slurpcation. See you in Japan!

So I reluctantly chose to try the ramen at Hamada, being fully aware that it would be a disappointment…or would it?

Ramen DLX (Shoyu): If you’re at LAX waiting for your flight to take off and craving a bowl of noodles, do yourself a favor and save your 10 bucks, unless you are absolutely desperate or traveling to a ramen-deprived country–you’ll thank me later. The soup was on the saltier side with pepper being the main ingredient. I couldn’t taste much else. The toppings (chashu, egg, menma, kamaboko, moyashi, and negi) didn’t taste much better. The noodles were also a mess. Undercooked and lacking any flavor, I couldn’t be more ready for Japan. I wouldn’t call this a disappointment since I wasn’t really expecting much in the first place and although it’s not the worst I’ve had, it does rank down there with them.

It’s time to depart!! I’ll see you in Japan!

3 Replies to “Hamada (of Japan) Orient Express – Los Angeles, CA (Day 0)”

  1. dude, i ate there so that you wouldn’t have to! XD. naw just playing. maybe you have OCD like me when it comes to eating at every ramen shop you come across. actually keizo, i think you have it worse than me cuz you even hit up all the nasty chinese-run ones in san gabriel lol…

  2. My wife looked at me and shook her head when she read this: “you ramen bloggers just don’t learn, do you?” (I’ve never reviewed it but I’ve eaten there too. Heh heh.)

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