Menya Kissou 東京都江東区東陽 – Tokyo, Japan (Day 7)

Arguably the best ramen in Tokyo, Menya Kissou has the longest line I’ve ever seen and ever waited in. I arrived at 11:50am and didn’t start eating my tsukemen until 1:10pm. I am not kidding. I waited over an hour in hot and sticky humid misery! I think I’ve officially gained ramen otaku (geek) status. I just hope it lives up to Exile Kiss’ #1 all-time favorite ranking.

With only a counter capacity of nine, this line took 5 games of solitaire on my phone to move a foot. After awhile, it felt like the semi (cicadas) were mocking us with their rhythmic chatter. And before I get started on how good Menya Kissou was, I think I’d have to agree with Ramen Tokyo and say that it’s probably not worth the wait (and he only had to wait 45 min), but under other circumstances, say 15 minutes or so, I would crave it everyday.

Chashu Tsukemen: If I had to choose between ramen or tsukemen, I’d most likely choose ramen 90% of the time. Menya Kissou does offer ramen as well, but I decided to go with the tsukemen on this humid summer day. And without a doubt, it was amazing! The soup is a lightly flavored tonkotsu that smells fresh and performs like a soothing lubricant. With so many good ramen-ya’s in Tokyo it’s hard to pinpoint the best, but I wouldn’t argue its #1 ranking one bit.

The noodles alone were the best I’ve had on this trip. Firm and chewy, they can probably cure cavities and gingivitis from its freshness.

The cold cut chashu becomes a moist piece of pig after a quick skinny dip.

The hanjyuku egg was so good it should be outlawed. This really isn’t fair.

I often wonder if ramen-ya’s like this would do good in the states. I know there’s people like you and me who would frequent a place like this all the time, but what about the other American’s who don’t quite understand this flavor. Would they eventually get it too?

5 Replies to “Menya Kissou 東京都江東区東陽 – Tokyo, Japan (Day 7)”

  1. omg that looks like such a beautifully crafted bowl of ramen! The Chasu, so tender and moist! Thank you for the photos. Next time I visit I will bring my whole family because they don't mind waiting and they are such avid photographers. I can't wait to take more photos of our own journey Menya Kissou. If anyone can take more photos I would love it.

  2. Hi Keizo,

    I've sent you an email. If you can reply as soon as possible that would be great as i'm leaving for tokyo on tues.


  3. Hi Keizo,Nice review! I love your “freshness” comment! LOL (^_~)Your pics have me drooling and missing my favorite Ramen-ya (again)! (;_;) And wasn’t the Hanjyukku Egg, the Chashu, Broth, and Noodles *SO* oishii?? 🙂Yah, in a Tokyo *Summer* heat, I sympathize with your pain of waiting in the sun. This is hardcore Ramen and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much (once out of the heat). I think it says a lot that in a city that usually has at least 1-2+ Ramen shops on every city block that people are still willing to wait over an hour(!) to eat at Menya Kissou.But I agree with you that 1 hour is a tough time if we had to do it every day. 😉 Next time I go, I’ll show up just before they open and beat the crowds (I hope :). Love the pics!

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