A lot has changed in the 8 months since my last trip. The entire first floor has been rearranged with more museum-like exhibits containing tributes and education materials. And apparently there are 28 types of ramen now (I’ll have to update my map when I get back). Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy the pics.

3 Replies to “SHINYOKOHAMA RAUMEN MUSEUM – Yokohama, Japan (Day 8)”

  1. @Exile Kiss: Yes you definitely have to go there and Yes they sell instant ramen of all kinds. This is where I got most of the instant ramen I’ve tried on my site.@edjusted: It’s really changed a lot. I think you should go back for a 2nd honeymoon and while your at it climb Fujisan. 🙂

  2. Looks nice. When I went a few years ago (did I ever tell you it was on my honeymoon? hahaha), the first floor was like 70% gift shop and not much else. It took me about 2 mins to walk through the “exhibit” then. All the action was in the basement.

  3. Hi Keizo,Very nice! I regret not going to the Raumen Museum on my last trip. Next time for sure! 🙂BTW, is that refrigerated section picture you took hinting that they sell fresh and instant Ramen of all kinds? Or just the 28 brands that have booths there?Thanks.

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