Chuuka Soba Ichiriki – Yokohama, Japan (Day 8)

The newest edition to the Raumen Museum’s family is Chuuka Soba Ichiriki, which opened in May of this year.

Originally located in Tsuruga, a city known for its fresh seafood and a nuclear power plant, Ichiriki has mutated its Chuuka Soba to new levels.

Chuuka Soba: This ramen was indeed sharp and not your average chuuka soba. It cut through my taste buds like a finely crafted samurai sword. The special pepper blend floating in the soup may be a bit overbearing for some, but I thought it was magnificent. The toppings (chashu, menma, shoga, negi) were a bit on the average side, but good nonetheless. The noodles were very fresh and similar to a place like Harukiya.

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