Hachiya – Yokohama, Japan (Day 8)

You might remember Hachiya and their grilled lard from a previous post and how incredible I thought it tasted. Well, I wasn’t gonna leave the museum without giving a another try.

特製 Tanmen: The soup for this tanmen was its shio base with a hint of vegetable and seafood that came from the toppings. It was nice to have vegetables in my ramen for a change. Hachiya does not disappoint.

Shoyu Ramen: This is the ramen I fell in love with on my first visit. Although time has passed, the love has not faded.

Shio Ebi Wonton Men: This is what my brother ordered and I didn’t get a chance to try the wonton’s but from what he says they were damn good. He fell in love with Hachiya too.

My one-year-old niece is already developing the traits to become a great ramen slurper. It must be in the genes!

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