Kyushu Jangara 東京都千代田区外神田 – Tokyo, Japan (Day 10)

Jangara Jangara Jangara! I just love saying that. While doing some shopping in Akihabara, we skipped the maid cafes and headed to Kyushu Jangara for some more tonkotsu greatness.

My apologies to the store owner for taking this picture. Apparently you can’t take pics of the ramen bar. But since I already took it, I might as well show it to you.

Kyushu Jangara “Everything In It” Ramen: If you ever wanted a ramen with everything in it, then this would be it. A silky smooth tonkotsu broth with chashu, buta kakuni, egg, mentaiko, kikurage, negi, and goma. The chashu alone would have been worth it, but two fat peices of buta kakuni were more than I could ask for. I now understand the Jangara hype.

Although I heard a lot of people ordering their noodles extra hard, I just went with the normal texture and it tasted perfect. These noodles really reminded me of soumen and they were very easy to slurp.

Some additional karashi takana in the soup spiced it up a bit. I highly recommend adding some in yours!

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