Bassanova (The Return) 東京都世田谷区羽根木 – Tokyo, Japan (Day 10)

It’s official, Bassanova is now my favorite ramen-ya in Tokyo and so far the only place I’ve gone to more than once on this trip. If you happen to be in the neighborhood or living somewhere on the planet Earth for that matter, I recommend that you come to Bassanova. You won’t be disappointed!

豚濁和出汁肉 Soba: A closer experience with the tondaku wadashi soba containing extra meat has led me to believe that an entirely new generation of ramen is emerging. This half tonkotsu, half seafood blend of soup is pure ramen fusion ecstasy, especially after a night filled with drunken madness. The toppings (thick-cut menma, ham-like grilled chashu, negi, nori) were so good that my keyboard is now soaked with drool. The noodles were also good, but I think I’ll ask for the thicker cut next time.

Take one look at the pic below and dare to tell me you don’t want to try it.

Tom Yum Soba: Another Thai-influenced ramen at Bassanova is the tom yum soba. If you like tom yum soup then you’ll love this ramen. To quote my brother, “Bassanova rocks!”

2 Replies to “Bassanova (The Return) 東京都世田谷区羽根木 – Tokyo, Japan (Day 10)”

  1. Hi Alice, I’m back! I contemplated extending my trip and now that I’m back at work, I really should have…hahaha. Anyway, thx for reading my blog. I hope you can try all these places too someday!

  2. keizo, i don't want to try it…….hahaha, don't kill me, i am just teasing u…….this ramen really looks super o-yi-shi, i will definitely go try it if i travel to japan again in the future…….thanx for this great post & info 😉have a safe flight back to the usa, we miss u here 🙂

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