Asameshi Maeda Honpo – Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair 2008 (Costa Mesa)

Umm…guess what I had for dinner?…nevermind that was a dumb question. After visiting Sumire earlier today, the only thing on my mind has been Asameshi’s Asahikawa shoyu ramen. I originally planned to go tomorrow, but what the heck…I was hungry and they were open.

Shoyu Ramen: If you remember from the last time they were here, the noodles were not very impressive and some even called them the “Achilles heel of the ramen.” Well guess what ed, they got better! No more starchy/sticky/pasty texture. They actually meshed with the rest this time. The thinly sliced shabu-shabu-style chashu was better than I remember and the long slender menma was as good as ever. The rustic-nature of an Asahikawa shoyu always gets my blood flowing–and Asameshi Maeda Honpo was no different.

If you missed them in February, you have no excuse to miss them this weekend!

7 Replies to “Asameshi Maeda Honpo – Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair 2008 (Costa Mesa)”

  1. Oh darn! I’m sorry I missed it. I was so disappointed by the noodles last time I didn’t even want to bother trying it again this time. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll come back again!

  2. Don’t you just love commenting? ^_^ Great minds think alike that’s why we comment at the same time lol. Yah you should definitely check out Momofuku in NY. Next time I am out there I am going to try the Ssam end. They are really the main reason why I am open to all ramen.Hopefully we will see you at Lobster Fest. It seems like H.C. will be there and Burumun is meeting me there. She’s my ex-roomie. I think the whole pic is cute! It just gives off a happy, fun and loving feeling. ^_^

  3. How funny…I was just commenting on your blog. I’ve heard of Momofuku but I haven’t been there…yet. I’m hoping to make it out to NY soon so I’ll definitely check it out when I do.Not sure if I’ll make it out to Lobster Fest but we’ll see…Thx…you’re referring to my niece right?…she cracks me up.

  4. Hi kat! I liked the ramen better this time around as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if a different ramen-ya would come from Japan every month? I love how Mitsuwa has these festivals but like you said I hope it’s not the same one every year…

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