Sumire – Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair 2008 (Torrance)

Did you really think I’d skip this? Being that I’m still detoxing from my trip, I contemplated whether I should go or not…for a second.

Miso Butter Corn Ramen: Since I’ve already tried their miso ramen earlier this year, there was no hesitation in ordering the butter corn version. As usual, the ramen was piping hot and once again I burnt my tongue (it’s still numb). Well I’m not much of a butter and corn fan, but it was intriguing how the butter masked the mild spiciness of the miso and added a smoothness to the soup. The rest of the toppings were good like before, but I would have liked to see more of the diced chashu. I also noticed something else–ground pork? Anyway, the noodles were great and I made sure to grab my tray as soon as my number was called.

Although I enjoy Sumire’s signature miso ramen, I can’t wait to see their shoyu and shio someday. Here’s a picture of the other booths. The curry pan looked delicious!

One Reply to “Sumire – Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair 2008 (Torrance)”

  1. Hi Keizo,Nice review! 🙂 Like you, I tried the Miso Butter Corn Ramen and enjoyed it. It's pretty impressive that Sumire was able to set up shop and generate some tasty Ramen & Broth on the first day of the event, away from the comforts of their kitchen in Japan.Thanks for reminding me about their Shoyu and Shio you tried! 🙂 I so hope they bring that next time.

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