Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 2: Shio Ramen

Is it really only Day 2? This challenge is beginning to feel very daunting, but I guess it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise. Today, Murakami-san offered to reward me with two more bottles of shochu if I make it through this. Apparently, everyone just wants to see me drunk on Halloween…haha. Bring it on!

The Shio Ramen is remarkably mild and light-tasting with a near-perfect blend of salt. It looks and smells very simple, but don’t let that fool you. Like all of Murakami-san’s soup bases, it involves an intricate process of flavor extraction and taste infusion. Some other key ingredients are konbu and sake. The chashu was surprisingly more tender than yesterday and almost broke apart when I picked it up with my chopsticks. The bok choy was crisp and the mushroom had a light firmness indicating its freshness. The oval-shaped naruto swirled in the background as the chopped green onions topped it off.

Murakami-san brought out a sample of the main ingredient for me to try. It was indeed the soul of his shio ramen. And although it’s exact composition will remain a secret, he did say that it’s purer than regular salt. I believe him!

Another dish that Murakami-san brought out “on the house” was his Fried Burdock, otherwise known as gobō. I’ve never tried burdock in a fried form before so it was an enlightening experience. It tasted much like senbei with a sweet crunch. I like!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Miso

6 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 2: Shio Ramen”

  1. sake the alcohol but don’t worry you won’t get drunk from the soup…haha. Hmmm…my favorite hangover cure…more ramen??

  2. So the key ingredients, is that “sake” the fish or “sake” the alcohol? Just wandering, since it seems like you’re on an alcohol theme this week. Tell you what, *when* (not if) you finish your 31 days, I’ll treat you to your favorite hangover cure. Hahaha!

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