Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 7: Asari Ramen

Being that tonight was basketball night, I couldn’t decide if I should go to Foo-Foo Tei before or after I played. If I go before I could be too full to play, but if I go after I could risk missing last call at 9:40pm. Since it was safer to go before, I tried to get there right when they opened at 5:30pm. Unfortunately, Murakami-san is usually on his daily market run at that time so no funny stories and special dishes today. 😦

Day 7 is Asari Ramen. Your choice of soup base (shoyu, shio, or miso) topped with fresh clams. I decided to go with the shio base because I thought it would mesh well with the clams and the waitress agreed, saying I made a good choice. And plus, I thought the light shio wouldn’t (it didn’t) weigh me down when playing bball. The shio by itself is awesome so if you love clams it’s just icing on the cake. The clams taste so fresh and it almost feels like your eating them straight out of the ocean. The bok choy also go well with the clams.

As you take a close up look at one of the clams, I’ll share another story with you. I’m not sure how long ago it was or how he got them but one day Murakami-san had huge buckets full of fresh clams that were soaking in salt water in his kitchen when a health inspector decided to make a surprise visit. When the health inspector saw those buckets, he immediately gave Foo-Foo Tei a “C” rating. This irritated Murakami-san but he still tried to remain calm. Then the health inspector proceeded to dump all the buckets filled with clam into the dumpster out back. Now this rightfully outraged Murakami-san so the next day he made his own surprise visit to the health inspector’s supervisor and got his correct rating back!

I don’t know why but I was really craving shrimp today. So as I glanced down the appetizer menu, the Ebi Fry squealed out “eat me!” I thought it would go perfect with my clams and they looked like they would be just the right amount to fulfull my craving. And then they arrived…Whoa! These suckers were fat!

Since Murakami-san wasn’t there, the waitress was nice enough to explain why they were indeed so fat and juicy. She told me that the whole shrimp in the middle is surrounded by more finely chopped shrimp, making it meatier and more satisfying. It truly redefines the word shrimp.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Shiitake
Another choice of soup base. I’m thinking shiitake will go best with the shoyu. Don’t you?

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