Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 8: Shiitake Ramen

8 days and counting. I’m in no hurry to finish because a part of me never wants this to end. I actually shouldn’t even call this a challenge because it’s never hard to enjoy good food on a nightly basis, especially when it’s MY favorite.

Tonight’s Shiitake Ramen also comes with your choice of soup base (shoyu, shio, or miso). Since I spent the entire day imagining the pairing of shiitake and shoyu, ordering that combo was inevitable. But according to Murakami-san, shiitake is a perfect roommate for all the bases. It’s a true team player. And when the ramen arrived, it tasted exactly how I imagined. The shiitake really enhanced the shoyu flavor with an ample blend of sweet aroma and soothing taste. It’s an unmistakenly healthy ramen that will leave you yearning for more.

There are two types of shiitake that top this ramen, dried and fresh. Can you tell which is which in the picture below? I couldn’t. The lesson of the day would be why there are two types. Apparently, fresh shiitake is good at bringing out the aroma and dried shiitake is better at bringing out the flavor. Combine the two and you have another genious creation by Murakami-san. Also, in an ordinary kitchen, the shiitake would be sauteed with oil. But since oil changes the flavor of foods and harbors dreaded cholesterol, Murakami-san uses the ramen soup instead. Remarkable!

Tonight’s “on the house” dish (I truly am blessed to be so lucky) was Fried Shishamo or otherwise known as Fried Smelt. It looks similar to last night’s Ebi Fry, but it really is a very different animal. You rarely ever see it fried like this, but it is absolutely scrumptious.

Like most Shishamo, it was full of luscious eggs. And the fried breaded coating was its Kimono.

And what would a night like this be without beer poured by the master himself. Kanpai!!

Ahhh…the Foo-Foo life!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Umani
Soup base choices are shoyu and shio.

2 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 8: Shiitake Ramen”

  1. I may go to Bossanova tonight for Green Curry Ramen…oh, wait…I can’t I have a “sai kensa” tomorrow morning. The doctor said I may get the gout. I’m going to tell him that my little brother made me eat 8 bowls of ramen in 5 days and then climb Fujisan.

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