Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 10: Oyster Ramen

I’ve finally made it to the double digits! And my stomach is about to explode! I think I’ve expanded it to its limit tonight with all the good food I ate, beginning with the Oyster Ramen.

Before tonight, I couldn’t remember the last time I ate an oyster. Seriously, it’s been so long I couldn’t even remember what an oyster tasted like. Out of the three soup base choices (shoyu, shio, or miso), I decided to go with the miso since I could only imagine that they would go well with each other. Once again, the toppings are all sauteed with the ramen soup before being piled on top. And with another mouth-load of toppings to name, today I’ll just focus on the main character–oysters.

The oysters were very fresh and tasted much like they came straight from the sea. Although I personally wouldn’t choose to eat this on a normal basis, I can understand why oyster lovers would. For me, eating an oyster in general will take some getting used to, but I’m all about overcoming cibophobia. I would like to try it again with the shio next time.

Possibly the most popular dish in the joint–Omurice Katsu Curry. It’s steamed rice wrapped in a scrambled omelette next to some pork katsu and smothered in Murakami-san’s special curry. This was good! I could eat this for 31 straight days too!

Remember that yellowish sauce from Day 6? Have you guessed what it is yet? Well here’s another hint. The ingredients are super secret and I promised not to say one word about them or even what it tastes like. So if you really want to know, you’ll just have to go find out on your own…sorry.

Tonight’s surprise dish from Murakami-san was this exotic-looking Ebi Shumai topped with tobiko (flying fish) eggs. It’s hard to rank anything on the menu here because everything is so darn good, but these have got to be in the top ten for sure!

Just look at what they’re stuffed with. Now do you believe me?

Staying on the shrimp theme, we ordered these sweet-sounding Coconut Shrimp. The shrimp are fried in a shredded coconut batter which gives them a mildly sweet tropical flavor that is very clever and surprising.

The last dish tonight (another Murakami-san surprise) was what he calls Mochi Cheese. It’s an interesting original creation that contains mochi, kimchi, mushrooms, onions, and pork topped with a few slices of cheese. The mochi tastes almost like pasta and the sauce is a spicy mix of goodness. But be forewarned, this dish is really spicy.

Overall another great night at Foo-Foo Tei. Unfortunately we were seated at one of the middle tables and Murakami-san wasn’t able to sit with us without blocking the aisle, but he was still gracious enough to stand and talk and entertain us with his jokes.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Ebi Wantan

One Reply to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 10: Oyster Ramen”

  1. Keizo,This a great review!! I love oysters, I would love to try an oyster ramen in the near future……The ebi shumai looked so interesting, I definitely have to try this one out too……Alice 🙂

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