Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 11: Ebi Wantan Men

I’m still full from last night, but since I have a dinner engagement tonight down in OC, lunch was the only option (unless of course Murakami-san invites me for drinks after closing…haha). Foo-Foo Tei’s lunch hour on the weekend begins at noon, but a line always starts forming from around 11:30. If you want to be one of the first seated then I recommend you arrive no later than 11:40 as I did today on Day 11 of this ramen challenge. I’ve been looking forward to the Ebi Wantan Men for days now and with my recent encounter of Murakami-san’s delicious shrimp appetizers, I was practically growing crazy with anticipation as I patiently stood in line.

This Ebi Wantan Men was exactly how I envisioned it to be: An awe-provoking blend of the signature shio base with a sensual hint of shrimp. It’s really amazing how good this tastes. My sister-in-law who loves both shrimp and shio ramen would absolutely love this one.

There’s whole shrimp in the soup as well as more shrimp in the wantan. It’s truly shrimpalicious! If you don’t like shrimp, then you’ll never know what you’re missing.

The filling for the wantan was similar to the filling for the soft shell crab I ate on Day 6. Murakami-san’s gyoza filling will go with just about anything. I even bet if you stuffed it in semi no kara it would taste good.

Today’s appetizer was Green Beans Salad, the perfect light snack to start the afternoon. What separates these from just being green beans is the fact that they are lightly sprinkled with the same secret salt used for the shio ramen. They were crispy and delicious!

Today was somewhat like an unplanned blogger gathering. I happened to run into both Exile Kiss from Culinary Journeys Around the World and edjusted from the ramen blog and other goodies! and for five minutes we got to share our thoughts about Foo-Foo Tei.

Hey ed! It’s too bad Murakami-san wasn’t there. He’s been wanting to meet the guy who called him Doraemon…hahaha!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Yasai
All three soup bases will be in play.

4 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 11: Ebi Wantan Men”

  1. Hi Keizo,Another great meeting (and nice to see Edjusted as well! 🙂Thanks for the tip on the Green Beans; the face he uses the same Shio as the Ramen has me even more interested. 🙂

  2. Hi Alice and edjusted. It was great seeing the both of you. I’m glad you got to witness me “in action”…haha. Murakami-san got back only to see Exile Kiss drive off so I think you just missed’s been busy most of the time I’ve gone even on weeknights. Some nights I’ll be seated right away and some nights I’ll have to wait 30+ minutes. I’ve heard that 11:30 on a weekday is the least busy but it fills up fast after that.

  3. It was great seeing you yesterday! Even though I know you’ve been going there for dinner, I kind of had a feeling we might run into you at lunch. Wishful thinking I guess. Haha. Yeah, it’s too bad I couldn’t meet Murakami-san.So do you know when the place *isn’t* so busy? It’s about a 45 min drive for me, plus the 1+ hour wait yesterday…I was starving!

  4. Keizo,Another great review…..I love shrimps & I love wontons too so I gotta try this ramen out too!!It was great running into you in the ramen heaven….But too bad we did not get to meet the ramen master, Murakami-san……..Alice 🙂

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