Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 12: Yasai Prototype Ramen

Today was supposed to be Yasai Ramen, but when I arrived and met Murakami-san near the kitchen this is what he said: “Keizo-san, the shoyu and shio version of Yasai Ramen tastes just like Umani Ramen with only vegetables and the miso version of Yasai Ramen tastes just like Pork & Miso Ramen without Pork, so today I think you should try a prototype.” A prototype? I couldn’t believe my ears! I wasn’t about to argue with the man so I excitedly said “Hai!” And even though Day 12 is still labeled Yasai Ramen, I won’t be showing it to you today because of the reasons Murakami-san stated above. He also jokingly called this Day 12.5.

When the waitress arrived to take my order, I told her that Murakami-san was going to make me a special ramen that wasn’t on the menu and being not exactly sure what to write on the order slip, she just wrote Keizo Ramen…hahaha. Apparently they had a nice laugh in the kitchen too because nobody knew how to make “Keizo Ramen.” But soon thereafter, Murakami-san showed up with this mysterious prototype–an especially colorful ramen that resembled art more than it did food.

Wow! I never knew prototypes tasted so good! Now, why isn’t this on the menu yet?! Murakami-san called this his Chawanmushi Ramen” and it remarkably tasted very similar. It’s gravy-like base is made with a mixture of shoyu, shio, and oyster sauce along with plenty of katsuoboshi to bring out the main flavor. An egg is then scrambled like an omelet containing bell peppers, bamboo shoots, shrimp, carrots, naruto, and green onions spread atop the ramen. I felt so honored to be eating what I was eating. When I asked Murakami-san how long he has been working on this prototype, he surprisingly said that the idea came to him while he was taking a nap earlier in his car (btw I woke him up) and that I was the first person to try it. Are you kidding me? This just goes to show what an amazing talent he has. I was shocked…and still am! I really hope this makes it to the menu soon because you have to try it.

Murakami-san wanted to make a special appetizer for us but the restaurant became crazy busy and the overcrowded kitchen didn’t give enough room for him to work. So instead he brought us our dessert–nama beer! I also ate a few side dishes tonight, but in keeping the focus on this special prototype, I won’t be posting them. There will be more days to try them again.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Pork & Miso

8 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 12: Yasai Prototype Ramen”

  1. Hi joanh! Ya, maybe this post will inspire a Chawanmushi Ramen craze around LA. Murakami-san should patent it fast…haha.

  2. Hi everyone! You guys should ask Murakami-san to make it for you the next time you’re there. I’m sure he won’t mind cuz he loves showcasing his talent. And who knows, he might make something custom just for you. It’s really like a ramen heaven!

  3. I went to Taishouken today for lunch and the noodles were soft like instant ramen. The soup was good, but what a bummer. The kids liked it, though.

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