Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 13.5: Kokudama Shoyu Ramen (Debut)

Ladies and fellow ramen geeks around socal. I proudly present a brand new creation from Murakami-san, the master himself, that will be available at Foo-Foo Tei starting tomorrow. I have been given the high honor of announcing its debut right here on Go Ramen! so without further ado, I give you Kokudama Shoyu Ramen.

It’s idea began as a response to fellow blogger edjusted’s recent post calling Murakami-san’s regular shoyu “a bit lackluster.” So realizing that his shoyu ramen is indeed a bit old-school, Murakami-san spent the day challenging himself to create a new version that would satisfy “the next generation.” I was lucky enough to share a bowl with him tonight as we both tried this new ramen for the first time. Amazingly, we both found it to be so darn good that he decided he should start selling it immediately. So let me give you a little description. It begins with the original shoyu…

…and then it is transformed by the kokudama, a lavish spoonful of ground pork mixed with caramelized onions and sauteed garlic with a hint of salt & pepper and other secret ingredients. This kokudama is pure steriods for ramen. It’s effect is mind-blowing amazement!

As you mix it into the ramen, the sweet smell of caramelized onion puts you into a trance. And since Murakami-san doesn’t use pork for any of his soup bases, this is his version of kotteri shoyu. It’s remarkable!

The best part was being able to witness Murakami-san try his own creation for the first time. He literally jumped out of his seat and yelled “UMAI!” He was so impressed with his creation that he immediately brought me a beer so we could make a toast to it–kanpai! He even thanked me for coming to his restaurant everyday and said that my challenge was actually inspiring him to try new ideas. No Murakami-san, YOU are the inspiration!

This ramen obviously won’t be on the menu and I’m not sure if the staff will know about it, but definitely mention it the next time you go. If they don’t know what you mean, then have them ask Murakami-san directly. It might be on a limited basis for now, so good luck and let me know what you think!

Hey edjusted, he personally invited you to give this new version a try and dared you to call it lackluster…hahaha.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Komu-tan

6 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 13.5: Kokudama Shoyu Ramen (Debut)”

  1. Hi Keizo,Sugoi! Soshite, Omedetou Murakami-san! (^_^)This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it. I was like Edjusted in that I like Murakami-san’s Shio Ramen more than the Shoyu, but now the Kokudama has arrived. I’ll have to try this soon! 🙂

  2. @edjusted: I think he was calling you out…haha. Don’t worry he’s not offended. He likes to receive criticism because he’s always looking to improve.@rameniac: Welcome back! Yo I hope you have my shochu ready. 😉 Btw, my elastic pants are fitting just fine…lol. For real tho, his soups are pretty healthy. I can’t imagine if I had to eat daikoku ramen everyday.

  3. Haha I feel like I’m being called out! I’m very flattered that Murakami-san took my comments to heart and I hope he’s not offended. The new creation does sound great! I’ll try my best to get back out there soon. Ganbarimasu!(Sorry, I didn’t notice your txt msg until this morning.)

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