Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 13: Pork & Miso Ramen

I’m back on track after eating the prototype Chawanmushi Ramen yesterday with today’s Pork & Miso Ramen. Another massive bowl of ramen with a huge mound of pork and vegetables. Like Murakami-san told me yesterday, this ramen is basically the same as Yasai Ramen with some added pork. The miso by itself is great. And although the added pork gives the miso a bolder taste, I thought it took some zest away from its original flavor. If you’re hungry, I say go for the Pork & Miso, but if you’re looking for a sensual explosion, go for the Miso & Butter.

The tender pork and vegetables once again tasted extremely fresh. And after digging my way through the huge layer, I almost forgot about the noodles underneath. Luckily, they remained firm in the extremely hot soup.

To stay on the pork theme I ordered the Pork Tsukune, a firm pork meatball mixed with several ingredients and smothered with Murakami-san’s original Tare. Yum!

Guess what? There’s something special on the way. Stay tuned for my next post…

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