Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 14: Komu-Tan Ramen

It’s getting close to midnight so I’ll try to make this quick without taking anything away from today’s Komu-Tan Ramen. Tonight was another basketball night so I had to go when they opened at 5:30. It’s not the same when I go early because Murakami-san isn’t there and I feel like I don’t get the whole experience. I must be getting spoiled. Luckily, I ran into Murakami-san on my way out and I was able to chat with him for a few minutes about today’s ramen. I’m glad I did too because he told me something interesting that I’ll be sharing a little later.

The Komu-Tan Ramen uses the shio base, but only a quarter of the normal salt is actually used. The rest of the seasoning comes directly from the wakame seaweed, which results in a more potent form of the regular shio. Add some minced garlic, egg, naruto, negi, and sesame along with several pieces of thinly sliced beef brisket and the Komu-Tan Ramen is born. It felt good to have beef for a change, but I still couldn’t get my mind off last night’s Kokudama. Has anyone tried it yet?

As you enjoy the close up view of the beef below, I’ll share with you an interesting fact about today’s Komu-Tan Ramen. If you can’t finish off the broth, Murakami-san recommends that you take it home and eat it for breakfast the next morning. But wait…there’s more to it. He says to add a little water and then mix it with oatmeal. Yup, oatmeal. According to him, “It’s goooood!”

The best part of Foo-Foo Tei is Murakami-san’s ramen. The second best part of Foo-Foo Tei is that Murakami-san has something for everyone. Even the Chicken Teriyaki (as seen below in its mini form) is really darn good!

Let me just take a second to remind you that the Monterey Park location is not related to the Hacienda Heights location. If you would like to try some or all of the dishes I’ve been eating over the past 14 days, then you’ll need to visit the real Foo-Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights. See you there!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Kakiage
All three soup bases will be in play.

3 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 14: Komu-Tan Ramen”

  1. Hi Keizo,ie, ie! Not your fault! (^_~) The Kitchen staff just isn’t ready to prepare that amazing-sounding Ramen you had yet. 🙂Here’s to hoping it’s added to the menu soon.

  2. Gomen! He told me you came asking. He has it ready but I guess he hasn’t shared it with the rest of the crew yet. If you go tonight you should be able to try it. I’ll be there after 6. You should join us!

  3. Hi Keizo,I tried getting the Kokudama Shoyu the last time I visited, but alas, none of the waitresses or the kitchen staff knew what I was talking about (;_;) (sniff). Hehehe.I’ll have to wait until Murakami-san is in before I can order this (I’m so envious! :).Wasn’t too much of a fan of the Komutan Ramen, but there’s so many varieties there are bound to be some hits and misses. Keep up the challenge! 🙂

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