Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 15: Kakiage Ramen

Described as a “shrimp & vegetable fritter,” the star of Foo-Foo Tei’s Kakiage Ramen is a flat piece of mixed tempura, containing shrimp, carrots, and onion. You can choose any one of the three soups (shoyu, shio, or miso) to accommodate the kakiage and today I chose the shoyu. And what a great combination this turned out to be. Letting the kakiage soak in the soup created a mutual interdependence between the two. The shoyu infused tempura really hits the spot and it also adds an extra boldness to the soup.

The kakiage is lightly fried with pure canola oil. This ensures a delectable texture to the tempura and also doesn’t add very much extra oil to the soup.

I love shrimp! Don’t you? I found this little guy hiding all alone in the kakiage. It tasted great, but I wished there was more than just one.

An interesting side dish that caught my eye today was the Yuzu Renkon (Fried Lotus Root). Inspired by the Karashi (Spicy) Miso Renkon that is popular in the Kyushu area, Murakami-san created his version with a sweeter twist in order to attract a wider range of people. The texture is crunchy like a pear and the fragrant aroma emanating from the root is very relaxing.

Stuffed in the holes of the renkon is a cheese-like substance created by mixing yuzu and mirin with some miso. It’s definitely a flavor you don’t taste everyday, but it somehow works and leaves a “where did that come from?” impression.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Seafood

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