Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 19: Negi Daku Ramen

Tonight’s Negi Daku Ramen is basically your choice of soup base (shoyu, shio, or miso) with tons of green onion on top…tons! To say that there are more strands of green onion than noodles is an understatement. There are way more green onions than noodles! I chose the shoyu base tonight because last night’s Kamo Negi was shio. To give you an idea of what it felt like (not what it tasted like) imagine going to your neighbors house who never cuts their lawn and just start stuffing those long strands of grass in your mouth. But enough kidding around, let’s talk about its flavor.

If you hate green onions (and I know a lot of people that do) and you absolutely cringe when seeing the pic above or below, it’s really not what you think. The actual negi mound is very mild. Most of the flavor comes from the caramelized onions and we already know how good those taste. There’s also some fresh ground chili paste placed on top of the mound, but I didn’t really notice them affecting the soup. Overall, the tonic nature of the Negi Daku Ramen was healthy and enjoyable.

Another popular dish that I see everyone order is the Ika Maruyaki. I used to hate eating squid when I was a kid because of a couple bad experiences when I spent hours trying to chew the darn thing. But now all has been forgotten and squid is back on my list of favorites. And I’m glad that it is because this Ika Maruyaki was downright delicious. The sauce used to flavor the squid was also really good. The tare is a mixture of shoyu, mirin, sake, sugar, and a secret spice. Yum!

Wow, the days are flying by. Just 12 more bowls to go. And it’s about to get hot in here!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Shin-Shin 辛辛

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