Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 20: Shin-Shin Ramen

I’m breathing fire right now so I’ll try to keep my mouth shut for the entirety of this post. Okay, so it wasn’t that spicy, but it was still spicier than I’m used to. If it were up to me, I’d rename this ramen Beading Sweat Ramen.

Inspired by Korean soon tofu, the Shin-Shin Ramen combines Korean hot miso with Foo-Foo Tei’s own signature miso. This combination results in a sweetness that hits your lips which proceeds to explode on the way down your throat. It’s great for waking up your brain after a long day of work. AND it’s much tastier than that Special 2 stuff you’ll find in downtown.

The rest of the ramen is topped with oysters, squid, mushrooms, and PLENTY of vegetables. And oh yeah, there’s tofu too.

This Deep Fried Tofu may look like a kitchen sponge, but cover it with shoyu and it will soak up your hunger for great-tasting food. The light crisp on the outside will leave you hooked.

As I was browsing through this Japanese tabloid magazine, I came across this: Cola Ramen. Cola Ramen???

And then there was Milk Coffee Ramen. Are you kidding me?? Hey Murakami-san, I think you need to add these to your menu! Haha…なんちゃって。

Tomorrow’s ramen: Ten-Shin

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