Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 24: Nanchatte Chanpon

It’s Friday! And I don’t have to work this weekend! Yesss!!! Other than the fact that it took me two hours to get home today (I miss my bike), it was relatively chill at work. Apparently I missed out on all the fun yesterday: Fire in the sepulveda pass; 405 freeway shutdown; Manager getting fired and dropping F-bombs…

When I think of Chanpon, I can’t help but think of Nagasaki–the city that made it famous. Foo-Foo Tei’s Nanchatte Chanpon Ramen is a great twist that uses the Nanchette Tonkotsu base topped with another massive amount of pork, seafood, and vegetables. I became full just looking at it. No side orders today, this Chanpon was more than enough.

The sweet tasting soup meshed well with all of the toppings, but I wished there was more than just two shrimp. I think Murakami-san should just make a ramen with only shrimp (*hint* *hint*). And these fried onions would be nice too. Yeah, Ebi Fried Onion Ramen–that sounds good!

One week left! It’s the home stretch!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Tan Tan Men

2 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 24: Nanchatte Chanpon”

  1. Takeshi-san, no apology necessary! I should be the one apologizing for you having to see my face everyday!! See you tomorrow.

  2. Keizo-san,Go men.My old friends came to see me.I was going to introduce them , but I missed timing nither to cook JPS nor introduce you to them. To be next.

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