Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 25: Tan Tan Men

With Halloween approaching, I was afraid today’s ramen would attract some vampires looking for a bloody slurp. Precisely why I went to Foo-Foo Tei during the day…haha.

Today’s Tan Tan Men gets it’s blood-red color from a thin layer of chili oil concocted by Murakami-san himself. And if you look closely at the bottom left corner of the pic below, you might recognize the faint outline of a hanjuku egg. Being that the egg has a higher density than the chili oil, it absolutely cannot come up for air. The rest of the soup is a blend of three sauces with the most distinct being sesame. Parting the red oil reveals a light brownish colored soup beneath. It’s not very spicy, but you will notice a strong sourness that comes from vinegar. Don’t worry, the ground pork handles the sourness with dignity–I just wished there was more of it.

A close up look reveals the mass abundance of sesame seeds, along with how the soup and chili oil refuse to bond. Peanuts also add to the nutty flavor.

I found it interesting how the ground pork stuck to the noodles as I slurped. But I still wished there was more of it.

I don’t know why, but I felt like eating meat today. I tried to order the Yaki Buta with my ramen because I thought it might taste good dipped in the Tan Tan, but unfortunately they didn’t have any. Bummer…

Tomorrow’s ramen: Ja-Jang Men
Okay so it’s not really ramen, but soupless ramen is popular in Japan these days.

6 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 25: Tan Tan Men”

  1. Thanks Peko-P. You have a great blog too! One of these days I’ll make it down to Kyoto to try the ramen down there. Any recs?

  2. Wow! This is one heck of a blog!!Peanuts in Tan Tan Men looks pretty wonderful. I can’t recall having TTM with peanuts here in Kyoto, Japan.Lucky you!!PP

  3. Yeah, I think it is ed. But sadly the only Dan Dan Noodles I’ve ever tried were from Pei Wei. I’ll have to try Ding’s Garden someday.

  4. Ooh! Is this based on Chinese Dan Dan Men? That’s one of my favorite non-Japanese noodle dishes. It’s a peanut-sauce based *dry* (not soup) noodle. I just discovered a restaurant that has *excellent* Chinese Dan Dan Men 2 months ago: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Ding’s Garden<>. Oh man, I’m really craving noodles now…

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