Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 27: Hiyashi Chuuka

Traditionally reserved for the summer months, Foo-Foo Tei’s Hiyashi Chuuka lasts well into October (as you can see) to please the soup-less fanatics that mourn during the winter. Originally created for those people who cannot handle a hot bowl of ramen during Japan’s humid summer months, Hiyashi Chuuka (in general) is a cold noodle topped with ham, egg and lots of vegetables, perfect for slurping in the heat. And before I forget, I must mention that Foo-Foo Tei’s season for Hiyashi Chuuka will most likely finish at the end of this week. So if you got an itch for a really good cold noodle, you better go now or you’ll be kicking yourself for the next 8 months!

Murakami-san’s dressing for the Hiyashi Chuuka is a homemade sesame sauce mixed with sugar, soy, vinegar, and other secret ingredients. And you know what…the flavor was perfect! It’s a very simple dish, but I couldn’t imagine Hiyashi Chuuka being this good. I was surprised.

The way the dressing coated the ham, cucumber, egg, seaweed, moyashi, negi, ginger, and of course the noodles was special. A refreshing escape that provides a cool breeze.

I was finally able to order the Yaki Buta (pig) that was sold out the other day. Eight pieces of tender roasted pork that had a sweetness about them. I still wish I could have dipped them in the Tan Tan Men from the other day.

Tomorrow’s ramen: Motsuni a.k.a. Menudo
I guts to have it!

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