Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 29: Beef Tomato Ramen

Can you believe it’s already Day 29? Only 2 days left! So unfortunately my team got blown out tonight, but that’s okay I’m not worried. It’s only one game and it was against the best team in the western conference.

On to the ramen. Today’s bowl was filled with Beef Tomato Ramen. Its name is self explanatory, but the beef stew-like soup was topped with lots of fresh spinach. If you like beef stew or beef noodle soup, then you’ll like this ramen. It really fulfilled my craving for beef today.

The tomatoes were fresh and the beef was very tender. You can really taste the effort put into this soup. It’s just like mom used to make.

The fresh spinach naturally soaked up the soup and tasted even better combined with the beef.

The noodles also soaked up the soup like a sponge, which gave them a new identity.

I apologize for not being more descriptive, but it feels like its been a long day. Thanks for understanding. I’ll see you tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Curry Nanchatte

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