Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 30: Curry Nanchatte Ramen

Today, a friend asked me if I was sick of ramen yet. So I replied, “ARE YOU CRAZY!” While I’ll probably never get sick of good ramen, it will be hard to top this month-long experience. It’s not really a challenge anymore because I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

Today’s Curry Nanchatte Ramen (the last in a bowl) is a marriage between the top-selling #17 and Murakami-san’s famous curry. It can only be described by one word: silky. The creamy sweetness of the Nanchatte gives the semi-spicy curry a Thai-ish feel that goes down smooth. Although it’s no Bassanova, I liked it better than the Nanchatte alone. Because, as Murakami-san might say, this chewing gum (marriage) has “long-lasting flavor!”

I might have freaked out if I saw these balls in the Motsuni, but this is curry ramen and you can’t have curry without potatoes!

This Curry Nanchatte was as good as I thought it would be. The noodles also matched the soup brilliantly. With the normal toppings of the Nanchatte (chashu, shoga, hanjuku egg), I won’t wait 30 days to try it again.

So…is this the end? “Mama told me one day this was gonna happen but she never told me when.” Sorry, that last question reminded me of New Edition. Wait…there’s still one more day!

Tomorrow’s ramen: Kata Yakisoba
So now you know what I meant by “the last in a bowl.”

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