Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 31: Kata Yakisoba

Day 31…the last day. Mission accomplished! Unfortunately, Murakami-san wasn’t able to join me tonight, but I brought plenty of friends to celebrate this momentous feat. I still can’t believe I’ve come to a single restaurant 31 days straight. It went by so fast. What am I gonna do tomorrow?

The last ramen on the wall is Kata Yakisoba. It’s not exactly ramen, but then again, there’s not always 31 days in the month. To be honest, this was probably a good dish to end on, although I’m still anxious to repeat the ones I really liked.

The toppings were very similar to the Umani Ramen, if not exactly the same. Fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, and several other mouthwatering ingredients, this Kata Yakisoba is an instant classic. Does it really have to end?

The noodles were the most surprising part of this dish. It was more like a fried Kishi-men than ramen and it was absolutely incredible. I was not expecting this at all. Wow, I am impressed!

With all the side dishes arriving, the only one I hadn’t tried was the Fried Chicken Liver. For the record, everything fried at Foo-Foo Tei is good…really good! And the shoe string fried onions surrounding the liver was downright addictive.

31 noodles in 31 days. A friend coaxed me into taking the picture below. It’s been fun…real fun. I just want to say thank you to all the staff at Foo-Foo Tei for putting up with seeing me everyday. I really enjoyed it! And much thanks to Murakami-san for inspiring me and showing me the true meaning of running a great ramen-ya. It was a blast! And thanks to you, the reader, for sharing this challenge with me. I hope we can all do this again someday!

Is it over? Is it really over?

Tomorrow’s ramen: ????????
Happy Halloween!

6 Replies to “Foo-Foo Challenge – Day 31: Kata Yakisoba”

  1. Thanks everyone! I’m glad I was able to share it with all of you. I know this sounds corny but I don’t think I could’ve done it without your support!

  2. Omedetou!! Wow…I’m with you…I can’t believe a whole month’s already gone by. Sorry I couldn’t join you. Even though I love ramen, I’ve been eating a lot of yakisoba lately and that looks really good. So do you have an absolute favorite out of the 31?

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